Monday, 8 July 2013

Harriet's New Shop!

Great things are afoot for Harriet, my handmade 1745 style doll! She has her own shop!

The beautiful Harriet, with a handmade rose
Where she will her friends!! To good homes, of course :P

It was all Tasha Baa's idea. We were just hangin' out in the sitting room one day and she was all like 'Virginia you can't keep trying to sell dolls and costumes in one shop, you know'. And I was all like 'Yeah, I know (sigh) but what can I do?' 'Harriet should have a shop of her own. Baaa.' And that was that. Miss Baa directed the photo shoot for the banner, in which Harriet was, of course, the model (although Georgia and Jerry tried to get in on the action), and I did all the stuff that sheep hooves just can't do on my little computer keyboard, and here we are. Harriet has her own shop where she can find good homes for her friends, make some lucky humans very happy and earn her keep!

Tasha Baa, taking tea on the lawn in true Steambaa style
Do stop by and take a look. The 'stock' will be quaint, quirky and varied, and there will be Queen Anne style dolls like Harriet in there very soon (but with some special quirky twists!). Harriet prefers that her friends be housed with caring, gentle adults rather than littl'uns, as they are (for the most part) delicate creatures, many of whom are entirely unique in this world.

The new shop ties in with Harriet's website,, where you can read about me, Harriet, Tasha Baa and some of Harriet's other friends. (This blog is, of course, named after Harriet too! Which is a bit odd, I suppose, but seemed like a good idea at the time.)

Jerry & Georgia, who tried to sneak into Harriet's banner shot
So, if you're in need of a new companion, or a quirky gift for a friend, Harriet would love to see you. She's very excited!