Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Newsflash! Keepsake Embroidery Commissions Taken!


I am now taking on commissions of custom embroidered children's artwork! You know, those sweet little line drawings they do of home and family (and monsters!) that you wish you could keep on the fridge forever :)

Let me make them into awesome pieces of embroidered art for you to treasure for years to come! Christmas presents for the doting grandparents; keepsakes for beloved aunties, uncles and Godparents; keepsakes for you to treasure.

The idea to take on this kind of commission comes in the middle of a long night, and after some deep and meaningful conversations with fellow doll artists about the pitfalls of the European CE legislation and how it affects our art and our businesses. The upshot is: I enjoy embroidering; I want to make art; I love kids drawings. A match made in heaven? I hope so!

I don't want this to be exclusive to children's art either - I'm open to working with adults too, and I'd be really happy to work with artwork from kids/people with learning disabilities/autism etc. as well. Anything to put a smile on someone's face and give them a sense of accomplishment :)

Examples and prices will be posted next week. In the meantime, contact me to go on my list of interested parties and please do pass this along to all your friends!


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